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The Placement and Employability Professionalsí Body

ASET is the professional body for placement and employability staff.  It has been at the forefront of developments in sandwich courses and other forms of work placements in higher education, for almost 30 years. We represent over 1300 academic and administrative placement staff at more than 90 HEIs.

ASET has been the catalyst for the development of guidelines in many areas and also the promotion and dissemination of best practice. We also seek to champion the general concept of work-based learning.

ASET is an educational charity run by work-based learning practitioners for work-based learning practitioners and offers support, advice, guidance and representation to all professionals who work in the sector.

As the leading organisation in the work-based and placement learning sector we seek to provide independent and influential strategic leadership for it. 

Membership gives all relevant staff at universities, further education colleges and employers the opportunity to benefit from, and contribute

to, a wealth of experience and expertise.



"ASET is an organisation that’s leading the way in promoting graduate employability – a key area for this Government - and I welcome this opportunity to give public recognition, and my personal appreciation, for your many achievements in this important field.

Your hard work and expertise is playing a vital role in delivering solutions based on work and learning. They have benefited universities, the corporate world and above all the many undergraduates you assist. I applaud your many successes as a leader in the field and encourage more people to become involved."

- Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, former Minister of Education

Alan Johnson at the ASET Conference with ASET's John Wilson


ASET's Aims

ASET seeks to:

  • Provide strategic leadership and be an informed and authoritative Higher Education sector voice to influence policy makers, based on awareness, evidence and experience

  • Champion the concept of work-based learning including placements
  • Advise on best practice for managing work-based learning

  • Provide training and facilitate the dissemination of good practice for placement and employability staff

  • Offerinformed and authoritative representation, advice and support to all professionals working in the field


ASET’s Vision

A Higher Education sector in which all students have access to high-quality integrated learning opportunities in a workplace, supported by committed, well-trained and properly resourced staff in educational institutions and with employers.


ASET’s Mission – Integrating Work and Learning

To promote the concept of integrated work-based and placement learning, with support for all those involved: prospective students and their families, HE students, educational staff, employers, professional and statutory regulatory bodies, and Government bodies.


ASET’s Values

ASET values the development of students into balanced individuals who make the most of their ongoing learning and employment opportunities, for themselves and society as a whole. This implies:

  • Quality experience for students
  • Support and development for staff
  • Employer engagement


ASET’s Delivery Mechanisms

ASET aims to lead in dissemination of good practice, through research and innovation, collaboration and representation, using mechanisms such as conferences, seminars, website, publications and e-bulletins to our members.


Who We Represent

Our formal membership comprises the institutional members, and at a working level we support Placement Professionals, a generic term used to encompass the variety of staff at member institutions, involved in placements/work-based learning, either in a central Placement Unit or in individual schools or departments. This includes:

  • Placement Officers
  • Placement Managers
  • Placement Administrators
  • Academic Placement Tutors
  • Those involved in employability projects
  • Employer members' staff involved in recruiting and developing students on work-based learning schemes including placement


Some of our work may also be of interest to Careers Advisors and Managers of other types of student work experience.

Our scope also extends to professional practice in health and social work such as nursing, dentistry, medicine, physiotherapy, midwifery, social work and dietetics. In thees disciplines placements tend to be allocated, as opposed to student support in finding an opening, and may require more rigorous assessment, but generally apply similar systems for managing the experience.


Although UK based, ASET extends a warm welcome to other European colleagues.  So if you are in any way involved with a ‘placement’, ‘stage’, ‘internship’, ‘practicum’, ‘cooperative education’ or ‘work experience’ in your professional life then ASET could be of interest to you. Some of our activities, such as training workshops, take place in the London area so we may be more accessible than you might think. Our Executive Committee has links with placement providers and professionals in many European countries.

Institutional membership covers every single relevant member of staff in the entire university or college. 

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