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ASET Insights are 90-minute ONLINE interactive sessions looking at broader, complementary professional development themes, led by our experienced Trustees.  Designed to provide short, impactful updates to your professional toolkit, ASET Insight themes are selected to enhance your confidence in practical skills that contribute to work success.

These 90-minute sessions are available for booking now.  £50 ASET members and £100 non-members.

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 InsightDate & Time


 Day Topic
B16/03/23ThursAdvanceHE Fellowship
C18/05/23ThursBuilding Toolkits
D13/06/23TuesAutomating my life – building my virtual robot army!

Insight A – Conflict
Wednesday 15th February  10:00-11:30am   ONLINE
In this 90 minute session we will briefly explore the subject of conflict in teams. We will discuss ‘healthy’ vs ‘unhealthy’ conflict, provide some top tips to help you manage situations and signpost to further training and development.

Insight B – AdvanceHE Fellowship
Thursday 16th March  10:00-11:30am   ONLINE
Applying for and moving through the process of attaining AdvanceHE Fellowship can be a daunting task. Sometimes we’re not very good at blowing our own trumpet which can cause a problem when we’re making applications. In this 90 minute session we will explore where you would like to get to and share our own journeys from Associate to Senior Fellowship. We will discuss the differences between each of the awards and the value it has as we progress in our Higher Education roles. This session is for professional service and academic staff alike.

Insight C – Building Toolkits
Thursday 18th May  10:00-11:30am   ONLINE
Making sure that placement and work-based learning practice is consistent across a department or HEI means sharing a vast body of digital stakeholder resources: processes, templates, guidance, and links to relevant sources of information. Ideally, that information is accurate, complete, reliable, relevant, and provided in a timely way to either your students, employers or colleagues… but it also needs to be organised so that every relevant stakeholder can identify and find what they need, when they need it. This insight session considers what constitutes a toolkit, how to design one, where to host it, and how to maintain it over time. The session will use a practitioner toolkit as the core example, but the session will be equally useful for employer or student-facing approaches.

Insight D – Automating my life – building my virtual robot army!
Tuesday 13th June 10:00-11:30am   ONLINE
Get an insight into how automation can streamline and improve your processes.  Using the Microsoft Office 365 apps and the Power suite, ASET Trustee Dr Catherine Teehan will share a series  of automated processes she has developed to support the management of placement and employability activities, allowing her team to free up time to be innovative and creative in their approach to student engagement in employability events. The automation processes are scalable, enabling placement activity to grow without the need for additional resource.  Using a number of connected apps, Catherine will demonstrate how you can ensure students and staff receive the right communications at the right times, and also how to monitor the progress of students during their placement journey.

General Information

  • ASET Insights run from 10 – 11.30am
  • The delegate rates for ASET Insights are £50 for each attendee from ASET member institutions, and £100 for those from non-member institutions
  • All rates are inclusive of VAT. Fees include all materials
  • Once your booking has been received, you will receive email confirmation of your reservation
  • Payment is due before the event. There are no refunds for cancellation, although substitutions will be accepted
  • Please see Terms and Conditions stated on booking form
  • If you have a disability that means that you would get more from our events if we make some adjustments, please let us know how we can help