Call: 0114 234 5197
Call: 0114 234 5197

Membership Categories and Rates

The majority of our members are UK Higher Education Providers (HEPs); however our diverse international membership base also includes Individuals, Further Education Institutions, companies and some overseas members. Our membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December, although new members will be accepted throughout the year, and will be invoiced a pro rata up to the next full membership year. New members joining after 30th September will be invoiced to the end of the following year.

Our 2024 Membership Policy offers 5 categories of membership:

Further Education

Those organisations often working within the field of employability and placements, or who employ students or graduates, but are not primarily educational organisations – £750.

For smaller organisations in this category (with a turnover of less than £25m, less than 250 employees, and/or gross assets of less than £12.5m), an SME rate of £400 will apply.

For United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland HEPs. Membership is at institutional level, where ‘institution’ is defined in accordance with the HESA listing and denoted by the allocation of a separate Institute ID. Individual colleges, within a HESA recognised institution, may choose to hold membership in their own right. Your identification and affiliation will be determined by your email address e.g. [email protected] works at Plymouth University.

ASET will determine the fee based on full-time equivalent (FTE) student numbers :

2024 Rates – FTE Students

0 – 2000 – £150
2001 – 10,000 – £395
10,001 – 25,000 – £575
25,001 – 100,000 – £675

FTE student numbers for UK institutions are taken from the published HESA data two academic years prior to the membership year e.g. Invoices for 2024 membership will be determined by 2021/22 HESA data.

Republic of Ireland student statistics will be determined by the 2020/21 data.

Membership for Further Education Colleges ( is levied at the flat rate of £150.

Membership for self-employed sole traders working in the field of HE placements/employability – £50.

An individual membership fee of £50 will be levied for staff working in institutions overseas. If there are 5 or more individuals employed by the same institution the flat fee of £250 will be levied.

Should international delegates wish to attend the Annual Conference only, confirmation from the home country’s national association office will qualify international delegates to the ASET members’ rate.